Link to WRTI Philadelphia radio appearance on The Bridge and Interview with Jill Pasternak:
on WRTI Philadelphia interview and live performance with daniel kramer

Below is footage of The Bridge on WRTI 2012 including recording the Jazzy Gershwin songs we played on air moments after

(Film credit PR PERFECT)

If I ever get the original sound from the station I will post it. But otherwise these fun though it is on a camcorder. I recommend earphones then it’s ok.

listening to music just recorded in WRTI onsite studio

Summertime- Daniel Kramer and Francesca Gershwin 2012

Link article about You Got Rhythm music competition in Northeast Times newspaper

SoundCloud – Original Song
Please enjoy the one song I have available that I wrote and recorded in a studio (with a little help from my sound engineer/producer friend Nel and talented backup vocals by Selina. Some of my friends have enjoyed listening, so I am posting it here until a more updated version is available (Copyright © 2009 Francesca Gershwin. All rights reserved)

Acoustic Version of Keep Walkin’