I’m Francesca Gershwin and I’m a secret computer nerd.
That’s what I said that to my cousin, and she started laughing, but it’s really true.
I love to mess around on my computer. And I do other stuff too.

Like raise a family, write, sing, blog at frankiegershwin.com

and I just started my own business at GershwinMedia.com which will be using WordPress for our projects.

Looking for programmers and designers to join in on this so contact me at my blog frankiegershwin.com if you are interested.

For all of us secret nerds and out of the closet nerds, I came up here because I love wordpress.
This is my first wordcamp, and I figured I’d come by since the newest version is called Gershwin, after my great uncle.

My friends call me Frankie.
My grandmother was George Gershwin’s little sister. Also named Frankie.

When she was young she performed with a touring kids dance show and continued to perform in Europe and on Broadway until she got married (at George’s brotherly advice) to a very talented man, Leopold Godowsky, and her career was soon transfered to the more lady-like profession of painter and mother.

I love and use wordpress all the time

For a while I was driving my husband crazy. He’s from Moscow, and he was using the internet for all of his business ventures before the word internet even made sense to anyone there.

The internet is accessible to everyone now.
Whatever level you want to use it at, jump in. No one’s stopping you. So I got hooked on WordPress.

And, being a Gemini I pick up on technology quickly and I want to play around, and then I don’t want to go deeper because I’m off to my next project.

I do want to know that I can see the technical aspects, and tweak them, but if I just want to get back to a simpler interface–bam! I have almost never messed anything up.

I can customize, and then if I ever need to, like now, I am ready to hand it over to somebody else, and know that they can customize it as much as we want to, and we’re in good hands. I can take back the reins whenever I want, regardless of technical ability.

This really gives us all the ability to create, and the fact that it’s free is such a plus for free speech.

Now about George Gershwin

His music also has the ability to be flexible, while still retaining it’s genius, as we’ll see in a minute.

It can be sung by a soprano, as opera in Porgy and Bess, or it can be bluesed up, jazzed up, even the great gospel star Mahalia Jackson has her own version of Summertime. Very spiritual.

Music can be an expression of our souls, our bodily rhythms, the absolutely universal that connects us all.

No words necessary. Luckily for George, he had a close relative, his brother Ira, who was wonderful with words. So they could make songs together. And then they would invite my grandmother, Frankie, in to sing it. Give it breath, see if it worked. Then back to the drawing board if it didn’t flow just right.

He took many different sources of musical genre, and managed to do more than combine them, they melded, and took form in a new birthing of a generation of music. And it continues to this day.

From the modern show tune of the times, to the jazz classics of today. George Gershwin. An apt choice for any occasion.

WordPress, the people’s web software.

–Francesca Gershwin, Wordcamp San Francisco 2011


Hi all of you!

First of all, just want to say that I had a great time yesterday. What NICE people are the crew behind WordPress and Automattic .

Great singers too!

Soon you can catch the moment at wordpress.tv and also what I meant to sayhere.


I will keep a list of links to blogs that so nicely wrote up their author experience singing with me at Wordcamp San Francisco 2011

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Send me a link if you covered the Summertime WordPress lightning session.

Enjoy it.

Frankie ♥