Summertime Singalong Wordcamp San Francisco 2011

Enjoy the performance of Summertime, that happened at Wordcamp San Francisco 2011.

I am singing. Yes, at a computer conference.

Tons of fun for me. Wish we’d had the time to do more. I probably would have if they’d pressed

So, you can watch it if you would like.

Maybe the whole thing will be online the next week at!

Love and Peace and all That Jazz,

Frankie ♥


Matt Mullenweg was kind enough to pose for a picture with me for my blog

What a great afternoon and evening!

Hi all of you!

Matt Mullenweg was kind enough to pose for a picture with me for my blog

First of all, just want to say that I had a great time yesterday. What NICE people are the crew behind WordPress and Automattic .

Great singers too!

Soon you can catch the moment at and also what I meant to say here.

Then, I must say, I had the luckiest scariest time just 5 minutes after I left the Wordcamp San Francisco 2011 afterparty for speakers (and singers ;) )

First a girl decided (it looked like her friends were egging her on) to bum a ride—by baring her bum! I couldn’t believe it. She is mooning the street, and thumbing a ride downtown San Francisco at 11 pm, with gaggles of friends crowded around laughing.

While I am getting over the shock, I see me GPS is telling me to turn left, and as I get into the left lane of what I think is a one-way street…I see a car coming for me head on! Obviously this is no one way street. And it is a cop car!

Well, the guys are sitting there, with their mouths literally wide open, and politely aghast ask me, “What are you doing?”

“I’m not from around here,” I scramble out,

“I’m so sorry. I thought this was a one-way street.”

I must have looked nice enough and not mischievous enough, and just plain shocked enough myself that they just said.

“Be more careful”  Thanks San Francisco cops! I really owe you one. I didn’t mean to go down that street, and I would never had done it on purpose!

I will keep a list of links to blogs that so nicely wrote up their author experience singing with me at Wordcamp San Francisco 2011 blog post blog post blog post blog post twitter photo twitter photo

Send me a link if you covered the Summertime WordPress lightning session.

Enjoy it.

Frankie ♥