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Frankie Gershwin in the Lobby of the Richard Rodgers Theater where Porgy and Bess is now on Broadway


Frankie Jams

Singing at a party in LA

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A little “get-to-know-you” I am Frankie Gershwin, a Great-Niece of the Gershwin Brothers, Grandaughter of the one’n’only Gershwin Sister, but that’s not all…

I sing, perform, write and act. I work for the family as a Trustee, and have founded my own company Gershwin Media of which I am CEO, that promotes the Arts and also Arts in Education…

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My family, my grandmother, my name

I was named at birth Francesca Elizabetta after both of my grandmothers. Frances and Elizabeth were their actual names.

From childhood I have been very involved in the arts (dance, vocal, theater) like Frankie, my grandmother or Frances Gershwin as she was born (the younger sister to Ira and George Gershwin the well-known musical team) when she lived it up back in the days of flappers and the high society and entertainment greats she spent most of her time with.

Francesca Gershwin

Frankie (Francesca) Gershwin, Calif.  2011


Every time someone asks me about my name, it is an opportunity to tell of my history, of my grandmother’s life; she was an artist and performer who’s name deserves to be remembered in her absolute own right.

Frances "Frankie" Gershwin

Frances “Frankie” Gershwin, my grandmother; George and Ira’s younger sister

See here for more about her. When there was a big movie about the family, they cut her out of it altogether, and I spend more time explaining to people, that, “Yes, George and Ira had other siblings,” and that, “Yes, they had artistic talents” and that, “Yes, my grandmother Frankie was on Broadway and continued to sing with her brothers George and Ira at parties and participate in their creative endeavors regularly as well.”

She lived such a creative life (and had four children) in times when women were crimped in their style by conservative traditions.

I want to honor her as well as all women who strive to be themselves and have so much to give on all levels:

I am living my dream as a mother and balancing this with a career in the arts in what I hope is something she also would have enjoyed doing in this day and age.

One of my life goals is to do more in support of women living their dreams. The support of women’s realization is intrinsically the support of their family and their children and the whole society to be a healthy, nurturing place for everyone. Let’s all be ourselves at our highest level.