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When the electricity turned on for a second time, I reset the router to get wi-fi going again, quickly scoured the internet for information and made sure to plug my phone and computer in to charge. My mobile internet was still not loading, and any voice calls would go through for barely two seconds before dropping.

By morning I was able to get online long enough to see the news. It turns out that the fires in Ventura County had caused an outage of the electrical grid in the whole of Santa Barbara County as well as jamming up the local cell-phone tower, and so that’s how through the early part of that night we had slept soundly with no idea of what was going on!

Many people’s homes burned in the Ventura County area over the next few days. My friend’s home actually did burn down completely while she was evacuated, leaving her grateful to be alive, but with no personal belongings for her baby and herself. All of the memories and almost all the equipment and materials that she uses to make a living burned.

My horse was injured (at the time we didn’t know how seriously injured) when he panicked at the ranch where he boards since the flames rushed down the mountain that first day and through the open spaces near his pasture. The fire was growing so big, it created its own weather which qualified it to become by definition a Firestorm.

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