Dear Friends,

Spent a wonderful evening in celebration of Carole King’s successful songwriting and performance career. Her daughter sang as well. The list of performers (of course Carole spoke, then sang) was hot!

Library of Congress Performance List

Performance List

I especially enjoyed the rendition by Louise Goffin of her mother’s song, after which she announced the finale entrance of Carole King’s speech and song, “not just a mentor, friend… but my mother!”

Colbie Caillat was breathy and charming…barefoot as she sang.

Patti Austin, well, there is nothing to explain. Just rocked the best Jazz and Blues complete with a scat duet with Arturo Sandoval on trumpet.

Michael Feinstein did the honors as M.C. again this year,  debonair flair as always.

Afterwards, a delicious dinner was served, and I had the pleasure to sit with Debbie and John Dingell, Dean of Congress, to my left, my cousins, Jonathan and Amanda Keidan, Guitarist from the show, Dean Parks and his wife, as well as others whose names I missed with the prevalence of echo surrounding us.

Representative John Dingell pleasantly gave me advice on what sights are worth seeing, and we chatted about the pleasures of backwoods life. He it seems was a park ranger for a time, and loves the mountains and nature.

Debbie was so sweet, and sat a seat further from me, so were only able to exchange a few phrases here and there, but it sounds like she has a fascinating life here.

Duty calls, must go on to the next. Will try to post some further story and photos later.

First Female Gershwin Prize Recipient

First Female Gershwin Prize Recipient, Carole King