Okay, I admit I am a perfectionist. And, maybe it is a good quality to have, for an artist. But sometimes I am taking it too far.

Here I was, sitting in WRTI radio in Philadelphia, having the time of my life, with Daniel Kramer as the guest (and me) an the host J Michael Harrison, chatting away. And then we played the song Daniel Kramer and I just recorded half-hour before, and I start saying to myself…Oh, no good, we should have just recorded something and left it at that. Why did we have to start trying out various songs…

…Did I even realize what I was saying to myself? Yes, “Daniel and I recorded for the radio live.”

When was the last time I was accompanied by a world-renowned pianist (you have to listen to him…he’s not as well known in America, and he’s truly amazing)?

When was the last time I was on the radio? Oh, just the past weekend. Jill Pasternak on Crossover. Okay, but that wasn’t live. And, okay, I wasn’t singing. This time I sang! No rehearsal, either.

Okay, so am I expecting this to sound like a studio recording that has been tried out over and over?

My goodness, we had never even seen each other before today, didn’t know we were going to be on the radio until yesteray, and didn’t even try to play anything together until the five minutes before we did.

It actually sounded not bad…Thanks for the great job to Alex the Sound Engineer by the way!… (Daniel sounded amazing, of course) And was SUPER to play with Daniel, since he’s so great at the improv—it being his specialty and all.

Have to try it sometime at a club.

But back to my self-involved rant:

Who do I think I am, Superwoman…oh yah, sometimes I get confused.

It must be because I am such a fan of Alicia Keys song “Superwoman

I started to believe it after singing the song while driving in the car, over and over.


So, after getting back to my hotel, I am just going to say, I had a kickass night.

That is the end of my rant.

Thank you for listening. That is what happens when you put me on a Jazz show after midnight… I start rambling when I get home…is it lack of sleep or the coolness of it all.