The evening Gala of the Inaugural “You Got Rhythm” youth music competition and festival is a success!

The knowledgeable, as well as very personable, New York public radio host Bob Sherman led the festivites, interviewing Pianists Susan Starr (who is one of the judges), Sergei Polusmiak (also a judge), Daniel Kramer (flew in from Moscow especially to perform for the Gala Opening), and Francesca Gershwin (yours truly, not a Pianist, but a Singer).

Viktoria Kogan, the driving force behind the whole event spoke next, and then the performance by Daniel Kramer began.

He played his usual improv of the classics and notso classics, and then invited the three singers up one by one to perfom with him.

First, a very fitting personage, Viktoria Kogan’s student, a young lady who sang “I Got Rhythm”

Next, I sang Summertime.

Next Pucci Amanda, a Vocalist who had collaborated with Daniel on one of his many Moscow events, sang Blue Moon, drawing cheers from the crowd when she got Daniel to sing a few bars along with her!

There are no photos available as of this moment.

The festivities continue tomorrow as the actual competition for youth musicians begins Round One.

Check back here for fun and updates!


Yours Sincerely,