My hosts for the Moscow trip were Vladimir Nazarov and his wife (she is just off camera on this video)

This is Vladimir (to his friends” Volodya”) performing at the kitchen table on an Accordian…the instrument that launched his successful international career as a musician and composer.This particular Accordian being a gift on the evening of the Gala Concert performance at the Nazarov Musical Theater, that I posted about here previously

I spent a lot of time at this table, in the kitchen, and the adjoining rooms…that include a hot grand piano and a personable and elegant design…beginning with the first day, when right after rehearsal, I was whisked back to their place where I was honored to be one of their close circle of friends and family who flew in from all over the world to celebrate together.

His wife Lidia is gracious and beautiful, and she and Vladimir have been together from before the days when he “made it” which I find very romantic!

Here, Vladimir performs an impromptu composition, while Lidia and I observe. It was the evening before I flew back to California, and so it was a nice farewell moment to the trip.

Hope to see them all soon!