Had an amazing trip to Moscow. Just ready to update you… The weather was 2 degrees above freezing and it snowed big flakes, just in time for me to see the snowy expanses of woods as we drove in from the airport.

I went straight to the Nazarov Musical Theater to rehearse. We settled on the Gershwin tune “The Man I Love” and got right in to work on an arrangement. Since I had caught a horrible cold a few days before the flight, my voice wasn’t in the usual key I sing in, so we prepared to sing a low, jazzy version. Then, lo and behold, bright and early next afternoon (12 hours time difference from California, so I woke up at noon every day) we went in to rehearse and discovered that my voice had gone back the normal key of ‘b’ that I sing in.

We had to scramble to redo the arrangement for piano, since the pianist Natasha, had made a hand-written original version for me! But we shouldered through it (inbetween getting my hair and make- up done, and dressing for the performance) and ended up back onstage being filmed for central television less than 24 hours from the moment the driver brought me in from the Sheremyetovo airport!

Thanks to Artem, who made sure I had a rehearsal slot in all the madness, young Vasiilissa, his daughter, who introduced me to the sound crew and all the “theater children” who hang out while their parents rehearse…lots of young ‘uns, so I felt right at home, as well as his wife, Olga, who made me coffee inbetween her jobs at the theater; thanks to generous Polina, who offered to lend me one of her personal dresses for the show if nothing else fit, and of course all of the tech crew who made it happen, including Natasha, accompanist. And of course thanks to Vladimir Nazarov who this concert was in honor of. He presented me with roses after the song. Wonderful!

Happy 60th Vladimir!

Happy 10th anniversary of the Nazarov Musical Theatre!