I really want to thank my relative who uploaded a wonderful, original work to watch.

I hadn’t seen a lot of this footage in a long time, and in fact the dance-sequence is very rare.

This is a mini-documentary on my grandmother, Frankie, as she was called by friends. Frances Gershwin Godowsky, after marriage.

And I have to admit, it made me cry. The clip near the end where she discloses her disappointment that she didn’t go through with her making a career of Broadway, even though she was encouraged to by those who had an eye for talent—when she says that she has not regrets, because the most important thing is having children and grandchildren.

…I agree with her, in a way, but what about having it all? Is that too much to ask?

Did she feel frustrated about her life? Probably. Did she regret? She says, “No,” and I’m going to respect that truth.

Loving thoughts of you, and glad to have you online finally where people can see you!