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There’s so much to tell about. First of all, having viewed the new Porgy and Bess that is in previews at the Richard Rodger Theater already five or six times (I am beginning to lose count) there is no doubt in my mind that this is a new classic.


Broadway Classic coming up, Ladies and Gentlemen
The rest of the time was spent pleasantly in various artistic pursuits like dropping by the sound studio where Conductor, Steve Richman, was editing the “Nutcracker Suite” at Digital Island Studios in Manhattan,
See blog post here
…walking around looking at the holiday crowds (“naked cowboy” serenading the girls in Times Square, anyone? Yes, he was a singing cowboy with “naked cowboy” painted on the back of his tighty whities. The security decided to leave him to it after a brief conversation)


…Paying homage to the goddess of Starbucks and free wi fi and people on their iPads and iPhones.


… And having the best time at all the previews for Porgy and Bess that I could possibly fit into my trip!


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