Gershwin House, on the roof

Steve Richman on the roof of the Gershwin House in Manhattan during an impromptu visit

Had a fun afternoon touring the city with a very talented man who is very into Gershwin and just full of stories from the people he met while working on his latest Gershwin CD, Gershwin By Grofe

His name is Steven Richman, and he is a conductor, as well as… well I am not exactly sure what to call him! He sort of restores the original arrangement, recreating them through research, and then hand-picks musicians to fill the roles, and conducts it himself!

Also a great fan of Dvorjak, but that is a story for another post.

Francesca on roof of 103rd St "Gershwin House"

Me on roof of 103rd St “Gershwin House” that my grandmother, Frankie, used to live in with her family


Here we ended up on the roof  of the Gershwin House on 103rd Street.

The apartment owner who opened the roof-door for us stayed inside so we wouldn’t all get locked out!

She’s very nice, and it turns out that she has a cat named Gershwin (as well as a Bogart) and gave us a quick rundown of some of the high points as she knew them.

You can watch and listen to a clip of the” Gershwin by Grofe”  album on the video below. It’s just great, and I want to see what I can do to get his next ideas brought to fruition!

He has a feel for the music, a love for the content that is more than “just a passing fancy” (okay, sorry for the Gershwin quote. I think I’m tired here on New York time) but he really is dedicated to bringing the original to life to preserve it in an audio format that is just the way I like to listen to my Gershwin!

Goodnight, all. What fun adventures will tomorrow bring?