Found a couple of photos from last week that I took on location: behind the scenes in Matilija Canyone with the guys behind Eyewitness News for ABC7 (Los Angeles):

The finished two-minute news report that aired on Wed, Sept 14 can be viewed online at this link

My shot of Matilija Canyon "scissors" recently mysteriously added to the 300-foot high abandoned dam. Invisible with the naked eye from this distance


Loading up gear

Passerby, Carla Friddel, waits after her interview with reporter Leo Stallworth

All this talk of the dam, has got me interested and reading up on it again.

On another note, the cleaning out of “cane-infestation” has been stepped up here, in Matilija Canyon.

Is all this tax-payer money going to a good cause? Maybe.

It would be nice if the attention to the area stimulated talk on upgrading the roads for the residents and hikers who use it daily.