My Chaika "чайка"

Chaika, My Seagull from my diploma

As an alumni of the Moscow Art Theater Drama Department myself, it is exciting to see one of the graduates from the same program (now they give an MFA through A.R.T./Harvard for American students) with an original play headed to Broadway, and an article in the NYTimes

I went to Moscow, Russia with not a word of the language in my vocabulary—but with more than the blood-related half of me yearning to be there in some sort of desperate way!

My grandparents on both sides were children of immigrants, but there is something innate in the character of  our families that made us more separate from the rest of the culture here in the United States of America.

I know my parents both thought of themselves as outsiders, and in a sort of kitsch way, raised us as such.

Why kitsch? I don’t know. We thought it was cool to be outsiders. That’s the farthest I’ll go with this fork of the story.

to be continued…