Gershwin, 1936

Just happened upon an article over at the Chicago Tribune: “With new United ads, will the song remain the same? Familiar ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ theme might fade as United Continental Holdings develops new ad campaign for merged airlines”

My thoughts:

Okay, so United is freshening up their image. I feasibly could benefit from the situation where they continue playing a Gershwin melody at every take-off, touch-down and so on.

Yes, but how do I feel about it?

Towards the end of the Tribune article, one finds that for Joe Brancatelli, a New York-based air travel, the possibility that United may find a new theme song is one change he would welcome.
“I don’t want my Gershwin to be Muzak. I’m not a big fan of hearing it a billion times as I walk through O’Hare.”

On the other hand, a quick web search for words like “united” and “rhapsody in blue” bring up a blog page by seemingly average guy Danny Novo with an opinon like this  and he says,
“Just heard George Gershwin’s Rhap­sody in Blue on the radio, and I imme­di­ately won­dered what a United Air­lines com­mer­cial was doing on NPR. Sec­onds later I real­ized that it was a per­for­mance of the Gersh­win piece, not an ad. I don’t watch com­mer­cials any­more, with TiVo in the house, but United’s cam­paign …seems to have bur­rowed deep into my brain. Good on them, I am impressed.”

What do you think? Does taking off the ground for your vacation or business trip feel more classy to a soundtrack of  good music, or just cheapen the music for you?

What does Gershwin’s music mean to you?

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