Well, on this beautiful Independence Day, I just had the opportunity to update my blogging software to WordPress 3.2; otherwise known as: GERSHWIN

I love the new version—and the latest upgrade, aptly named in honor of my great-uncle George Gershwin, is yet another reminder of how we can all improve on what we are and have.

Yes, George wrote music that had influences based in all the styles of American music available at the time, but he went back to the root of each style or ethnic region, combined the strains, filtered it through his own Jewish-American blusey flair, and reinvented it all into a new genre that is uniquely appropriate for our country. A sort of popular Jazz that is complex enough to become an opera, a show tune, a love ballad, even a rock song one day. My grandmother, Frankie, always said he would have written rock or something new if he had lived long enough to see the day.

We thrive together when each of us utilizes all of our unique abilities and our creativity to create new solutions for a better world.

For years I only use WordPress for my blogging and other websites because it is so versatile, and the complexities are disguised in an handsome interface: WordPress allows me to go in many directions, all the while keeping it simple  for me as a blogger and site admin.

I also like Matt Mullenweg’s statement of WordPress’ goal of “releasing more free software to help democratize publishing around the globe.”

Happy Fourth of July, Dear Readers!

the Gershwin WordPress 3.2